Within the 28,000 m2 solid fence and well-protected outdoor storage area in Esbjerg, the pipe yard has a storage capacity of more than 30,000 casings, drill pipes etc. and is one of the largest in Denmark.


The pipe yard layout and equipment transportation, handling and storage of tubings, drill pipes, casings etc. fully complies with API 5C 1. Recommended Practice for Care and Use of Casing and Tubing.

This will ensure that storage shelves are furnished with the correct height, i.e. for purposes of safety, ease of inspection and handling. Pipes should not be stacked higher than 10 feet, resting on bolstered supports and with wooden strips as separators between successive layers of pipe etc. 

In addition, the forklift blades are fitted with a specialized hydraulic device for safe transport of drill pipes and tubing casing in the yard.

The stored drill pipes will be inspected and turned around at regular intervals to ensure that the good condition of the pipes is continuously evaluated, and that the fitted protection caps are in place and in good order to protect the pipe PIN- and BOX sealing and thread connections.

ETS offers a tubular and OCTG warehouse and storage area to clients in co-operation with Blue Water at their facilities on the harbor in Aarhus, and at other user-/handling locations in Denmark, if and when required by clients.

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