Esbjerg Tubular Services has a wide range of equipment as part of the Esbjerg-based facilities, including, as one of very few companies in Denmark, a unique advanced technical machinery for the drilling equipment “make-up” process.


At Esbjerg Tubular Services, the work is based on the latest technical knowledge and to the highest quality and safety standard. This will include modern equipment to carry out activities such as:

  • Safety transportation of drill pipes in the pipe yard
  • The drilling equipment make-up process
  • The hydrostatic pressure testing of OCTG equipment, as listed below
  • Cleaning and washing machinery
  • Non-destructive examination, equipment for MPI, LT, VT and UT

The pressure testing of the following items – which is carried out as a DANAK accredited hydrostatic pressure testing to “API 6A-Specification for WEllhead and Tree Equipment”, Section 11 in the following equipment:

  • Valves
  • Reduction pieces
  • Main valve assemblies
  • Casings, production headers, housings and adapters
  • Tees and crosses, cross connectors and top connectors
  • Actuators
  • Back pressure valves
  • Share collections
  • Drill pipe assemblies and hangers

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