The “Make-up” process

At the “downhole” end of a drill pipe (drill string), sophisticated parts are connected by a threaded connection. To be able to carry out this assembly of parts, with the required high degree of accuracy, ETS has a highly advanced ENERQUIP machinery, which is used for this operation. 


In the workshop the connection of several individual parts into an “assembly” is referenced as the “make-up” or “making” process, and the disassembly of the parts is referenced as the “breaking” operation.

The make-up of assemblies is one of the activities carried out in ETS’ workshop, and it is performed by highly skilled technicians following detailed instructions/procedures and as mentioned earlier, by use of the highly advanced ENERQUIP make-up apparatus. With this you can make an assembly by individual parts of “pipe fittings” up to an outside diameter of 21” and up to a 50 ft total length.

The ENERQUIP apparatus can operate with a very accurate torque force up to a maximum of 100.000 ft/lb. The specified torque will enable the individual pieces of pipe fittings to be held together without damaging the thread, but still being strong enough for the drilling operation, and afterwards enable breaking of an assembly so that the individual parts can be replaced or reused.

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