ETS’ facilities in Esbjerg are located 300 meters from the harbor site, minimizing equipment transport time for customers, who operate offshore facilities in the North Sea, when shipping and backloading all kinds of equipment, including drill pipes, casings and tubings etc.

ETS’ Facilities

Esbjerg Tubular Services has a wide range of facilities e.g. pipe yard, warehouse, equipment, buildings etc. – here are a few figures of some of the main facilities:

  • 28,000 m2 well-fenced outdoor storage area for OCTG equipment
  • Environmentally approved high pressure washing and cleaning facilities for pipes up to 18″ OD x 45 ft length
  • 1,000 m2 indoor inspection facility primarily for pipe and drill tools
  • 1,450 m2 dry ambient temperature warehouse and storage space
  • 250 m2 outdoor covered and shielded storage area
  • An oil separator, which is among the largest separators in Esbjerg
  • Make-up and assembly facilities for pipe fittings from 2 7/8″ up to 21” OD and 50 ft length. The advanced assembly and make-up machinery can operate with a torque force up to 100,000 ft.
  • Closed and secure hydrostatic pressure testing facilities with the possibility of test pressures up to 1,200 bar and pipe lengths up to 50 ft.

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